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  • NEW Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Dosing and Generator for Greenhouses

    Lowest cost method of producing CO2 for greenhouses is now here. Read more.

  • What is Cogeneration or CHP?

    Cogeneration is the simultaneous generation of two types of energy from one source. Cogeneration can also be referred to as a combined heat and power system or CHP. Most cogeneration systems produce electric power and heat power. Read more.

  • How It Works

    Natural gas combustion spins a turbine or a reciprocating engine that is coupled to a generator. The generator generates electricity for your business. The exhaust heat is then transferred to hot water that can be used for heating or cooling your building. Read more.

Will Cogeneration Work For Me?

It will work for your facility if:

  • You have high thermal and electric loads all year long
  • You have natural gas available at your site
  • You have a central heating and/or cooling system
  • You are concerned about the increasing electric rates
  • You are concerned about the reliability of the electric grid
  • You would like to reduce your impact on the environment

If you answered yes to most of these, your facility may be a good candidate for cogeneration. Please contact us with more questions so we can help propose a system for your facility.


Residential & Small Business

We now have Yanmar 5kW and 10kW micro CHP systems available for residential and small commercial customers. If you use a... Read More


Hotels that have onsite laundry and a central water circulation loop work great with Cogeneration. The year long large consumption of... Read More

Schools & Universities

Schools and universities are large consumers of electric and heat energy. Cogeneration can produce both of these forms of... Read More


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